"...“Better Days” shows that The Black Clouds have definitely found their voice and really know where they fit into this business called music.... If you are into the heavy side of alternative, this album is for you. This also proof that there are bands out there still producing quality music. Check them out at www.TheBlackClouds.com."

"...Their sound is heavy and raw, bringing it back to the way rock and metal started out. The Black Clouds have got the quintessential grungy hard rock set up: electric guitars (both rhythm and lead) on full blast, booming drawn out bass, heavy drums, and, of course, the heart-wrenching, angst-inducing vocals that make you want to clench your fists...."

"New Jersey rockers Black Clouds have been making a big splash in the DIY world, and rightfully so. The band owns its own studio, books and funds its own tours and has been rocking audiences’ worlds since 2004. ... from the scratchy guitars to the anxious vocals, every song on Better Days is a slice of grunge heaven...."

"These guys have an awesome sound, and an even better live set...... Having energy in studio work and having energy on stage isn’t exactly the same thing. If a band has really great music, as I just stated, it clearly has impacted their live performance. Satisfying the fans is always important, and The Black Clouds do just that. They recently released a new record, which I will be featuring on Jersey Rock. Their sound has definitely matured and improved since 2009, and I love the direction they are headed in."

"...The New Jersey four-piece are loud, hard-hitting but display an organisation that has been lost in many modern forms of the rock genre....The percussiveness mixed with the precision and quality of the entire album is a testament to these men who, with a lot of determination, have managed to churn out an album completely by themselves and without any fancy cosmetics added to their sound. Better Days is prototypical rock and roll that suggests, much like its title, that the genre still has better days to come."

Better Days is produced by the legendary John Agnello, known for producing albums for the likes of Dinosaur Jr., TurbonegroMy Midnight CreepsAndrew WKThe Hold Steady, and Sonic Youth. Although the grunge movement in the late '80s/early '90s spawned a surplus of wannabe grunge acts, the Black Clouds authentically sound like the long-lost cousin of Nirvana, right from the distorted guitars to the hard vocals.

The Black Clouds — A throwback to the time when Layne Staley was still a god, grunge wasn’t a joke and the words “Seattle” and “punk” could still be mentioned in the same sentence. Think Tad, Blood Circus and Mudhoney, with a little “Smell the Magic”-era L7 thrown for some extra juice.

"The Black Clouds have managed to blend some very divergent sounds and come up with their own original sound. How divergent? Try this on for size. Some of their songs actually sound very Floydish. I'm not talking about the Waters/Gilmore Floyd, but rather the earlier Syd Barrett headed Floyd, ala The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn. The tune Sigh Alone is a good example. I could quite easily hear the cockney inflected vocals of Barrett on that cut. The Clouds take it a step further though and also incorporate the sounds of early Seattle into their tunes as well. Sounds crazy, I know, but The Clouds, perhaps unwittingly, have managed to sound like a melding of 1967 UFO Club era Pink Floyd with 1987 Mudhoney, and it works brilliantly! It's rock and roll alchemy at it's best!"

"If you like Nirvana or Foo Fighters, chances are you'll love 'Wishing Well'. The sound is placed firmly in the middle of 'Bleach' era Nirvana and earlier Foo Fighters records, so we still have some rawness yet also pop sensibilities are allowed to come through..... If Foo Fighters are the acceptable face of grunge for your parents, The Black Clouds perhaps can position themselves as a genuine, true alternative act. Keep those clashing drums and tight playing. Keep the screaming and the song construction. Good album, really."

"While I’m an admitted stooge to the grimy catharthis of the Pacific Northwest’s late 80’s brand of sludgy, distorted punk rock, it’s still fair to say that the one band most deserving of that coveted spot on the two-day festival’s main stage is the alt-grunge encomium known as The Black Clouds."

"Commitment to DIY principle has already earned The Black Clouds a devoted local following, an opportunity to work with a legendary Seattle producer, and a near record-setting gig for the band at Bamboozle"

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