Check out some of our friends.  

Just click on the pictures to go to their pages:

David Petillo, through studying under

and working side--by-side with  his

father (Dr. Phillip J. Petillo), has become 

a master of building, repairing and

caring for stringed instruments.  He is

also one of the nicest and most sincere

people we know.  He takes care of all

of our guitars.  Once you go into his

shop, see his work and he cares for

your instruments once, you will never

go anywhere else ever again.  

Guaranteed.  Check him out.



Fat Rat does all of our merch.  

They kick ass.  Check em out.



Do not click this link.  Seriously. 



Do you like music?  Do you

like Seattle?  Do you not suck

as a human?  Go here. 



Jack Endino is one of the

best humans that exists.  He

has also recorded half of your 

record collection.  Hopefully that

includes our first record.  Check

out his band, Endino's Earthworm.  

You won't be let down.


John Agnello.... No one can handle

eating Atomic chicken wings like

this man.  Trust me.  While mixing

our second record, we both went

into fetal position from hot wings

in Brooklyn.  The difference?  I ate 2...

He killed 4.  Dick.  Seriously though.  

He recorded the other half of your

record collection.  Killer dude.



Want to hear radio done right?  Check

out Neue Regel.  These Guys/Gals don't

fuck around.  DJ RTFX, MSFX and

DJ Darkgift are the real deal.


Think that venues don't care about

music anymore?  You're wrong. Check

out The Saint.  Best venue of it's size

on the East coast.  NJ's CBGB's.....

with slightly better bathrooms.


Independent Music Promotions is

hands down the best Indie PR

company that we've ever worked

with.  James Moore is a stand-up

guy.  Definitely check them out if

you need PR.  Tell him we sent ya!

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